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Experienced R & D Product Development Team
Meeting the requirements of IEC specifications / PGCIL standards & RDSO and any relevant international standards
End- End to facilities, from design to testing at one location
NABL accredited modern Extra High Voltage Testing Laboratory equivalent to laboratories like CPRI,ERDA to test upto 765 kv and even above.
Sophisticated instrumentation and experienced personnel.

SPARKIL is an 9001:2008 certified company by TCL and are highly committed to the quality and performance of the product manufactured. Our quality systems comprises the following.

  Inward inspection of all incoming materials as per relevant drawings, specifications before taking into stores
  In- Process inspection and testing is conducted as per the standards and customer requirements
  Final Testing on Routine basis is carried out as per standard requirements
  Each Insulator is subjected to the routine Test as per relevant standard before dispatch.


SPARK Composite Polymer Insulator comprises a Core material, End Fittings and a Silicone rubber insulating housing.
CORE ROD: The Core Rod for composite insulator is a Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Rod. Glass fibers used are of Boron free ECR (Electrical and Corrosion Resistant) grade. When the glass fiber in FRP rod is Boron free, it will not be affected by moisture and even acid. Our FRP rod consists mainly of glass fibers positioned in a resin matrix so as to achieve maximum Tensile Strength. Resin bonded glass fibers not only provides mechanical strength, but also gives electrical insulation.
HOUSING AND WEATHERSHEDS: The Housing is external to the core rod and protects it from weather. Weather sheds are intended to increase the leakage (creepage) distance and to provide an interrupted path.
END FITTINGS: Our Metal End Fittings are made of Forged Steel, Malleable Iron or Cast Iron with high tensile quality. All the fittings exposed to Environment are galvanized and are then attached to Core rod with high precision uniform compression process which does not damage the core rod. The interface between End fitting and Housing is sealed by silicone elastomer with permanent elasticity to protect it against pollution and moisture.


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