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  FRP Manufacturing Facility  
  Water Diffusion setup  
  Glass Content test setup  
  Hardness Tester  
  Rubber Injection Molding  
Experienced R & D Product Development Team
Meeting the requirements of IEC specifications / PGCIL standards & RDSO and any relevant international standards
End- End to facilities, from design to testing at one location
NABL accredited modern Extra High Voltage Testing Laboratory equivalent to laboratories like CPRI,ERDA to test upto 765 kv and even above.
Sophisticated instrumentation and experienced personnel.

PRODUCT RANGE: Our products include a various types of composite insulators ranging from 11kv to 765kv as per IEC Specifications.

  11kv to 15kv - 45kN/70kN Insulator
  33kv - 36kV - 70kN/90kN Insulator
  132 kV – 70kN/ 90kN/120kN Insulator
  220 kV - 70kN/ 90kN/120kN / 160KN Insulator
  400 kV - 90kN/120kN/160kN/210kN Insulators
  11 kv AB Switch with silicone rubber Polymer Insulator
We have the necessary expertise to design, develop, customize and manufacture Polymer Insulators to suit specific Customer Needs 

765 kv

11kv 11kv   15kv
33kv b&s   33kv t&c
33kv Line post Insulator    
11 kv AB Switch
Laboratory Testing Facility   FRP manufacturing facility

Apart from the above Disc insulators we also manufacture SOLID CORE POLYMER INSULATORS, COMPOSITE PIN INSULATORS.
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